Looking for Unique Christmas Gifts?

If you are looking for an item of a certain price, don’t panic;  there are items available for all budgets, which you can filter using the options on the left of the page. Is your boyfriend an amateur chef, or your Granddad a whisky connoisseur? Is your Dad a music fan, or your brother into football?

If you’ve got any special requests, then be sure to mention this in the ‘notes’ section when you check out and Andy (our illustrious treasurer) will make sure your gift certificate arrives at the right place. Just click on ‘Sponsor a Child Today’ for more details. You can also sign up to sponsor a child in one of our projects at the same time.

If you would prefer to pay by cheque through the post or online banking please feel free. If things are now showing as you expect please trying logging in (or making a new website account) and then things will go more smoothly. You can then go to the check out and edit your list and pay for them all together.

In some cases this means that it would not be appropriate to provide the exact gift chosen. Each gift comes with a postcard or an e-greeting that you can send to your friend.

A perfect gift for couples

A perfect gift for couples enjoying their first Valentine’s Day with each other, or an ironic present for those enduring their tenth year together. Then, Save the Children send a personalised gift card plus fridge magnet by post for each gift you’ve bought – you can send them directly to your friend, or have them sent to you so you can pass them on in person. That means your gift will have double the value and enable Save the Children to do twice as much for children at no extra cost to you.

Buying an Oxfam Unwrapped gift is a way of contributing to change the lives of people living in harsh and often desperate conditions around the world. This gift will pay for a boy’s school fees for a year; books and school uniform. Pay through Paypal or use our donation button (so you can gift-aid it) and e-mail contact@ so that we can sent you a personalised gift certificate.

As an avid reader myself (Jenn), I love to see the work that ROAR is doing in Lancaster to serve as an early intervention for children who might be at risk for adverse effects of poverty; here in this link you can read about the link between early literacy and poverty prevention from Dr Heidi Kistler. For a great list of homemade gift ideas click here, these will get you off to a great start. We include a charge of £1.00 with each gift to cover postage and the cost of an African -made card.

Every penny of your gift goes to AICM in Uganda for the purchase of your chosen gift. Once we have received your funds we will send you a greetings card to send to your gift recipient and forward the funds to AICM in Uganda. Each one comes with a fun sheet with information on how their gift helps people, as well as games, jokes and puzzles.

The recipient gets a gift card, a magnet and in some cases a DVD, while your money goes to where it’s needed most. For those of us who leave things until the last minute, a gift subscription can be emailed directly to a recipient or printed out to be delivered in person. If you spend over £24 your gift will be delivered free in a gift box including a free DVD or movie book.

A gift subscription allows you to choose from over 70,000 titles and have them delivered directly to your door. Membership fees go towards preserving some of Britain’s finest landmarks, so your gift benefits everyone. Membership of a gallery or a museum is a gift that keeps on giving.

A voucher for your time is an ideal gift for a friend that you don’t see very often or an older relative.